Predsednica republike na na Blejskem vodnem forumu 2024.

Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA

President of the Republic presents two European Water Awards

The President of the Republic of Slovenia attended the Bled Water Forum 2024, organised since 2016 by the non-governmental and non-profit organisation Bled Water Festival. The Forum is dedicated to identifying innovations related to drinking water and creating a new global understanding of water issues worldwide. Among other things, the Forum founded the European Water Sommeliers Association in 2020.

Bled, 14 Jun 2024


The President, who is also the honorary patron of this year's Forum, addressed the organisers: "By bringing together ministries, institutions and water experts from different countries, you are co-creating global trends, supporting innovation and bringing forward a new understanding about drinking water. Your discussions, such as on new contaminants in drinking water, are highly relevant to all of us and to our health. I know that you have had many expert meetings over the past two days, and I believe that you will all leave Bled and the Forum with new knowledge, ideas and partnerships."

Ms Pirc Musar congratulated the co-founders and the whole Bled Water Forum team for making their dream come true. "Drinking water is an important and integral part of our lives. You and your fast-growing organisation are working towards ensuring good-quality water for all. And for this I thank you," she concluded.

At the ceremony, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, together with the founder of the Bled Water Forum, Mario Gajić, presented two European Water Awards. The awards went to InnTe Kinetic Reactor from Slovenia and the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies.

Aleš Musar, husband of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, moderated two panel discussions on chemicals in water (what, how, solutions, legislation and impact on humans). At his invitation, Eliza Jean Reid, wife of the President of Iceland, also attended the festival.