International relations – being aware of the present while thinking of the future

Many challenges are present in the international community today, perhaps more than ever before. Relations with neighbouring countries, the Western Balkans, the war in Ukraine, the role of superpowers, the candidacy for membership in bodies of international organisations, and nurturing trans-Atlantic relations are the topics that are also being most talked about in Slovenia. But international relations are much more than that and Slovenia must manage them by knowing itself first: to what degree its foreign policy objectives and values are addressed merely declaratively, to what degree they are actually manifested, and how actively it is involved in resolving pressing international problems.

During my term, great emphasis will be given to the individuals who are less visible in international relations and the topics that connect everyone irrespective of the ideology, religion or political system. The individuals who are seldom in the forefront are also women. Women’s empowerment is not mere demagogy. In 2000, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution in which it highlighted gender equality as the foundation for maintaining international peace and security. The role of women is thus also crucial when it comes to high level politics. This not only applies to women in the developed world, but in less developed countries as well, where their active participation is particularly important. This must be pointed out.

In addition to the currently topical issues, those involving the future will receive special attention. The scientific and technological revolution will be in the foreground, manifested in the form of artificial intelligence, hate speech and misinformation. These are the weapons that, when mishandled, can thoroughly stir international relations. Their impact on fundamental human rights and freedoms will be underlined in our discussions, which will take place not only because these topics are important, but because we can contribute the great knowledge that our country undoubtedly possesses.

Objective: Annual discussions about a specific future topic regarding which Slovenia must play an active role in regional and global decision-making or policy formation processes.